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Miriam Naccache
Reiki, meditation, Bach flower remedies, nutrition
Hayle and St Ives  Cornwall
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Hello, I am Miriam. I live and work in and around Hayle in West Cornwall.

I practice Reiki healing and teach Reiki, together with Indian Head Massage, Bach Flower Remedies and Nutritional Advice.

I also teach meditation, usually preceded by a series of lessons in breathing. The meditation might be a guided meditation, or it might involve sitting in silence in a group meditation.

I'm a qualified nurse with experience in working in local hospitals and care homes too.

You don't need to know all the whys and wherefores of the above techniques, though some of their likely benefits are listed on the right: if you get in touch, we'll work out what's best for you.

Click any of the links above to find out more about the virtues of the different therapies I offer.

I firmly believe that Reiki healing and meditation are powerful tools for self-development and self-improvement. They allow you to reach that jewel within yourself which is all love, all knowing and all peace. Healing and meditation are non-denominational and non-judgmental.

For me they feel like a birthright, as they have helped me outgrow my limitations at all levels - physical, emotional, mential and spiritual.

I'd feel privileged if you would like me to help you achieve a sense of wholeness with any of the disciplines I practice or teach.

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Miriam Naccache

In her practice Miriam has found that Reiki has been beneficial in helping:
Internal surgical scarring; muscles and skeleton including sprains and arthritis; treatment following injury and/or bleeding; headaches and migraines; digestive problems (Crohns, irritable bowels, etc); immunological diseases; asthma; period pains; anxiety, irritability and high blood pressure. It works well with emotional trauma, disturbed and challenging behaviour.

Indian Head Massage helps with:
upper back and shoulder and neck tension; contracted neck; lymphatic system drainage; sinus problems; hair loss; dry scalp; general tension and stress; eye strain.

Kriya Yoga helps oxygenate the body, calming, training and disciplining the mind, helping to find peace within and prepare for meditation.

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