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Miriam Naccache
Reiki, meditation, Bach flower remedies, nutrition
Hayle and St Ives  Cornwall
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About Miriam

About Miriam

I was born in a conflict-ridden area of the world, Lebanon, with a French-Lebanese background. I've been living in Cornwall since 2001 and I've also lived in France and Spain.

Due to my mixed background, when asked where I come from my answer is usually that "I'm a child of the Earth with deep roots in the Mediterranean".

I had my first wake-up call at sixteen. I ignored it until another wake-up call came again when I was thirty-five. I realised that the events in one’s life will keep on knocking at your ‘soul’s ears’ until you acknowledge and listen to them.

I also realised that, if I opened up and trusted in my higher self and the universe, life will always show me the way forward.

Nursing and raising a family

I trained as a nurse in Spain in my early twenties. Later, I gave up my nursing career to bring up a family.

My first experience of giving healing happened while I was a mother with three small children. My children were never ill and visits to the GP were so scarce that he once told me that he didn’t even know I had any kids.

When my children hurt themselves or suffered pain, I would just comfort them by laying my hands on the affected area, and the discomfort or pain seemed to vanish almost immediately.

I learned that I was good at healing, but this had arisen spontaneously and naturally and I had had no training. Then, due to life's ever-changing circumstances, I was reunited with nursing almost twenty years after I had left it.

When I went back into nursing, dealing with different types of patients and conditions took its toll on me. Their unstable health and illness used to affect me deeply since I felt drawn into their situation and became drained physically, mentally and emotionally.

Training as a healer

Due to the emotional impact my job had on me, my husband Dave suggested I train as therapist and healer. Following his advice, in 2003 I trained as a Reiki therapist and, in 2005, became a Reiki Master.

The whole purpose of the training was to enable me to become more like a conduit of a two-way flow of energy involved in healing, rather than being like an absorber and an energy-source like a battery. This helped me start a self-healing process in myself and also to attune others to start the same healing process within themselves.

My wonderful teacher/master, Maureen, reunited me with each and every Reiki level attunement where, looking back, I have always belonged. Ever since I took my Master level, the healing process is constantly taking place within me. Once you have started the process it never stops.

Helping others

I am a registered general nurse and my purpose within the ethical code of conduct of my profession is to help people feel better at all levels, while empowering them to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing.

Reiki, as a complementary therapy, can help people live in harmony with their bodies and their environment.

By attuning people into Reiki energy, individuals will be able to heal themselves and the planet. I hope that, by spreading its use, more and more people will have access to this gift, which really is our birthright.

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