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Miriam Naccache
Reiki, meditation, Bach flower remedies, nutrition
Hayle and St Ives  Cornwall
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Teaching Reiki

Reiki Therapy

I cannot honestly decide what actually gives me more satisfaction: carrying out a direct Reiki session, or teaching and attuning someone to become an efficient therapist/healer.

Levels I and II are full-day teaching sessions, while the ART and the Master level will take two days (not in a row). Those two days are separated by a gap in time to assimilate all the information and to learn and practice the attunements necessary for this level. This level requires some dedication, yet it is a sheer joy.

That is why I will fully support you through the whole process, whether you decide to learn only one level, or if you decide to go all the way to the Masters level.

What is really important is for you to find the way in which you feel most comfortable practicing Reiki, which is unique to you.

By learning how to heal (both yourself and others) you are giving yourself a most precious gift, which will last you more than a lifetime.

I have also found that once a person has been attuned to any Reiki level, they start to align themselves more and more to their Life Purpose and that all their creative gifts become enhanced.

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