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Miriam Naccache
Reiki, meditation, Bach flower remedies, nutrition
Hayle and St Ives  Cornwall
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About Miriam


St Michael's Mount
We found the Reiki Level 1 Attunement to be a highly empowering and therapeutic experience. We appreciated your approach which was both professional and compassionate. The day exceeded our expectations and we look forward to taking Attunement Level 2.  - Mike Turner and Caroline Shah, Leicester

Miriam teaches in a relaxed and informative way which allows you to fully understand and appreciate this truly wonderful gift. I can't thank Miriam enough for all her wise words and guidance.  - Paul Hanson, Newmill, Cornwall

I was suddenly buckled up with exceptional back-pain. I didn't know what to do. When I mentioned it to Miriam she offered help and support. I went to her house and she gave me psychic surgery on the first treatment. It felt as if her and my guardian angels were having a good conversation, and something was happening. She wasn't touching me, yet I felt benignly manipulated. This made the pain manageable. On my next treatment a few days later I felt straightened out and the pain was reduced to 20% of their initial levels - though I was still not confident about the work trip I was about to make abroad. After the third session - by now it was Reiki - I was up and running, able to make my trip, and within a week I was right as rain. This was amazing and a true blessing. It saved me at a very testing time. I'm eternally grateful for that.
- Palden Jenkins, St Just, Cornwall.

Trencrom Hill from PortreathMiriam has no pretension or ego about herself as a teacher (or as a person). The depth of her experience and trust in Reiki shows itself in her naturalness of being and this makes the truth of it so accessible. I thank you Miriam for this and everything you have taught me.  - Melanie Stokes, St Just, Cornwall

The whole experience of being attuned was wrapped in a kindness and care that came right from the heart and soul. You know with Miriam that her mind is subservient to her heart's truth and that she works unfalteringly from her intuition.  - Sian Magee, Colchester, Essex

Reiki leaves me uplifted, positiveThe Nine Maidens stone circle, refreshed and relaxed. My blood pressure has improved and the joint pain in my knees is so much better that I am able to enjoy exercise. I now feel more able to appreciate my life, both at work and at home, by being aware of all the beauty around.
 Miriam's Reiki practice on the residents has proved to ease their discomfort and increase their sense of wellbeing. One of them states, "I feel Miriam is doing something for me", while another one, following Miriam's Indian Head Massage, says, "It makes me feel twenty years younger and I couldn't do without it, both spiritually and physically".
- Sarah Metalle, proprietor, Bonaer Nursing Home, Hayle, Cornwall.

Reiki allows you to be more you. Like all great mentors, Miriam creates the space that holds you safely while teaching you how to do and to understand the information. She is very generous with her experience, knowledge and awareness. She is in her element when teaching. Miriam guides you through that journey so that you grow at your own pace within your own space for your life.
- Leann Bridwell, Winchcombe, Gloucestershire

Miriam is a wonderful healer - both hands-on and distant healing. She has been such a blessing to our family. Our little grandson, born with an immune deficiency disorder, has been eased through the many trials and difficulties met with in his short life by Miriam's loving absent healing sessions. My husband Keith was in intense pain due to heart problems and a Reiki session with Miriam gave him respite and allowed him to sleep afterwards! I have had help to ease my migraines and was so impressed that I wished to learn more about Reiki. Miriam attuned me to Reiki one and two and I have spiritually grown since then and use what I have learned throughout my everyday life.
- Jodieanne & Keith English, St Ives, Cornwall

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